Claude calls bullshit

Trumped Up Syrias Shenanigans Putin Place

The piss-pals are at it again, attempting to hoodwink the masses with a dummy strike on an inconsequential target in Syria.

It's a pre-arranged one-time deal orchestrated by Putin & Co., so cool your jets 'murica -and stay stupid.


Claude Has Left the Building ...

The 3-month challenge is over and Claude has proved (and concluded) for several reasons that Facebook is not for him.

First, what's with all this heavy handed demand for private information?

-that's right, to turn you into a cash-cow constantly being sold off to  t̶h̶e̶ ̶h̶i̶g̶h̶e̶s̶t̶  any bidder.

(even if that bidder is a foreign country trying to usurp American elections).

Second, there's a very sick, self-destructive element to a large segment utilizing the site. It's that which is dependent on "likes" for affirmation of (projected) self.

Not only is that intensely awkward and sad to witness but, occasionally, you find yourself socially obligated to feed that sickness. It's really a no-win situation that's best avoided employing the state of non-existence.

Third, believe it or not, Claude is a very private being.  One with much to say but with nothing to prove.

Anyway, I wish we'd all delete Facebook to take away the information and power from those who use us against ourselves.

Please, Trump, Fire Mueller!

... please, oh please, oh please, oh please!

-just to get the impeachment ball rolling already.

This lying windbag of a buffoon is an affront to every sense.

That they call this criminal asshat "president" is never any less shocking, no matter how many times heard.

We are already in a crisis, constitutional and/or otherwise, bring it on.

Goddamn, remember when Bush Jr was rock bottom?

Eh, apples and oranges, never mind (but, still ... ).

Graham loudly held out the red "no!" flag so let's hope the moron-in-chief  charges right for it.

Impeach his fat ass and let the porn star and the rest of the torch-wielding ladies financially shred his imprisoned remains like an all-you-can-eat Weinstein buffet.



💧 💧 tears of a clown 💧💧

Why So Salty, (Pharma) Bro?

Ah haa haa haaa haaa haaa haa.

Martin Shkreli, scumbag extraordinaire & whimpy crybaby, was just sentenced to serve 7 years in prison.

Coincidently, the commissary at the prison he's headed to just jacked up the prices of their lubes by 9000%. 🍆🍆🍆

She's ba-ack!

Because fuck you fascists

An American exercising free speech.

A comic with an opposing opinion. 

An entertainer holding a prop. 

We-Bulls Wobble but We Don't Fall Down

Sure, she misguidedly apologized at first, terrorized and terrified. Who could blame her? 

She gets a pass on the momentary lapse because she sniffed the smelling salts and got right back in the ring.

Claude's Got You

Claude was never too much a fan of her comedy but, for what it's worth, he's now a solid fan of Kathy Griffin.  🐾 

😹💖 this guy 💖😹


Very rarely does such a colorful, love-to-hate character like Stephen Miller come along. 

While despising his politics, Claude really enjoys Miller's on-screen "narcissistic mortician" personality, he's a scream.

"this will not go well" 😹

" ...  jake, Jake, JAKE, Jake, JAKE, jake ..."...

-Pauly Shore nailing it as Stephen Miller 

... "  you're lucky I don't punch you in the fuckin' face ..."

March 8 ~ A Closer look w/seth meyers

There'll always be only one Jon Stewart but Seth Meyers is really nailing it these days. 

Perhaps he's getting better material to work with? Last night's show was extra spot-on.

just follow the orange prick's road

All Roads Lead to Russia and China

Still wondering why Trump is so hot on the tariffs?  

Was there ever really even any question?

For fuck's sake, people, does anyone notice that this morning Trump signs the tariff deal and by afternoon he's being handed the reward of N Korea's submissiveness (so as to look like an "effective leader, protecting America from the evil Kim Jong").

Bullshit, Kim Jong is merely this mis-administration's bogus boogeyman du jour, crafted and conjured to leverage fear and the faked facade of leadership and accomplishments.

🎬 Lights, Camera, Action! 🎥

Life of Pi

Probably one of the greatest films Claude has ever seen. 

Produced by Ang Lee and written by Yann Martel, this fast paced and visually stunning odyssey is a riveting psychological thriller/drama not to be missed.

In the film it's touted as "one of the greatest stories of all time" -and it is!

Pi is Piscine, a kid from India moving to Canada with his family (and animals from the zoo his family owns). 

Things don't go exactly as planned for Pi and his entourage and they're swept away on an epic adventure of a lifetime that culminates with a direct task to the viewer/reader.

A true gem.  Four paws up 🐾 🐾

Da-Trump ... Da-Trump ... Da-Trump ...

Can Tickle-me Tuesday Top This?

First there was the frantic flubberings of Carter Page, but now the glorious gods of hilarious disaster present to us, straight from the shits and giggles that sink ships dept., Sam Nunberg. Then Sam versus Carter ... and just keeps giving.

Grabbing the pussies

the contempt of claude

"... the cat that would not be judged"

Recently, Claude was reminded of the Machiavellian principle that it is better to be feared than loved (if one cannot be both). 

In my case, I've found the word "annoying" to be a more accurate fit than "feared".

So, with that freshly in mind, I marched my unrepresented ass off to court to face a judge on a bullshit summons that I was a bad cat. 

After about 45 minutes of being robbed at a parking meter, then frisked, radiated, scrutinized and scanned, then having to stand in a hallway with about 2 dozen dazed misfits awaiting their cases to be called, any and all feelings of intimidation were replaced by the more familiar sensations of indignancy, outrage and self righteousness. The trifecta was  gathering and a perfect storm of annoying was brewing.

"CLAUDE!" shouted the woman who'd kept reappearing from the much-awaited double doors to the courtroom (only to keep calling the wrong names each time). But, this time, about a half hour later than the appointed time, did she finally get the name right -my name.

Into the courtroom I walked to see a judge seated confidently up at a grand and elaborate bench, the opposing side (who'd dragged me in there) on the left and a singular, frumpy-looking  woman seated in the pews like a homeless vagrant, in from the cold.

Unsure, and unfamiliar, I paused halfway up the middle aisle.

I was then ushered (by the name-shouting woman) to be seated on the right side table. Before I could sit down, the judge introduced himself and instigated us all to follow similarly. 

That done, he then informed me that he and the opposing side had taken the liberty to discuss my case among themselves, in private, before my inclusion on the proceedings.

Before my eyebrows could fully fly to the ceiling, the judge then proceeded to tell me that he was going to set a date for us all to come back later, to see if I'd "complied better" .... -WHOA BUDDY! 

Now, dear gentle reader, you have to understand, Claude was honestly innocent of the charges thrust upon him, he was merely following due process, protecting the rights of another innocent as infringed upon by the (now) opposing side (with whom Claude had just legally settled another matter with).

At that point, the smug judge then paused to finally give yours truly a chance to respond (to the railroading in full effect), to which Claude (with set jaw)  loudly, and firmly, spoke back to the judge "I find your language offensive, mischaracterizing and this whole affair to be harassment"  and as the judge began to reply with "oh really ..." the opposing side's attorney general and I looked at one another and he turned and then spoke to the judge, telling the judge the he, and his client, were now willing to let the matter drop, to dismiss their case against Claude.

The judge seemed to hem a little at this, but the left side table argued it that they would be glad to have this all put behind them. The judge relented and, quick as a blink, it was over.

Claude would not be judged. Not today.

Anyway, Claude suffers no illusion that he is feared ... but when the opposing counsel and I locked eyes, I saw " a seer in the headlights" -a momentarily paralyzed man who suddenly, and instantly, foresaw a hairball of a headache, ready to reopen the incriminating can of worms his cabal had just managed to seal.

So, folks, what have we learned from Claude today? -that being self righteous, annoying and hard to deal with sometimes pays off. 



cleaning out the litterbox


Please pardon the changes happening here lately at/with Litterboxing. 

After nearly a year political depression, yours truly has slightly revived and is trying to transition the old Litterboxing to this newer format.

Claude is also dealing with life as it's suddenly being thrown from all sides, the good, the bad and the uglies. Life changing situations that most of us deal with at one time or another.


No Fraidy Cats Here

Hawaii's Bullshit Missile Attack Warning

Was Claude the only one who was annoyed (instead of afraid) when the bogus missile alerts came over the phone?

Maybe because Claude is of the firm belief that N.Korea is pretty much owned by the Orange Anus' good buddies, Russia and China, and needs permission from them to burp let alone bomb.

"Do'Tard" and "Rocket Man" ... an infantile farce created to "Hijack America's Amygdala" (try "anger" and/or "disgust", not fear).

Two vigorously inept boobs cast in a global stage production that wouldn't last  23 seconds under even the dimmest lights on Broadway.

People pashawed Claude for the laid-back cattitude but look what happened a few days later in Japan ... coincidence? Nah.

Of course, this isn't to say that Putin won't authorize escalation on (Do'Tards') behalf. 

... I guess we'll just have to wait and see how well Mueller does.